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About the Steamboat Springs Community Preservation Alliance


The Steamboat Springs Community Preservation Alliance is a group of local residents, professional vacation rental managers, staff, hosts, contractors, local businesses, real estate professionals, and second homeowners who care about the wellbeing of Steamboat Springs now and long into the future.

We support fair, balanced, and effective regulations for STRs and programs that enable our entire community to flourish. We believe in:

  • Collaboration and continuous dialogue with all neighbors
  • The thoughtful identification and preservation of neighborhood character
  • Forward-thinking and well-informed decision making based on data
  • For a sustainable future, we must all work together to find win-win solutions
  • Support for community housing initiatives


  • Register and license ALL STRs
  • Establish life safety standards and require a 24-hour local contact
  • Establish a 24-hour hotline to monitor complaints and begin enforcement
  • Gather and analyze data on all STR uses including location, complaints, sales tax revenue for a minimum of 12 months
  • Review the need for additional action


  • An overlay zone without detailed data of local density, property values, complaints, citizen preference, and existing HOAs that eliminates STRs without due process
  • An overlay zone that damages property rights without cause
  • Decision-making that is not supported by data and research
  • Punitive tax measures aimed solely at STRs that will cause economic harm to the entire business community